i scrolled down for an explanation and there wasn’t one but i think i’m ok with that

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  1. You are my sweetest downfall
    I loved you first, I loved you first…

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    me too

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  4. sadmusicforsadbastards:

    "Well, don’t stop calling; you’re the reason I love losing sleep"

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  6. Beyoncé’s full performance at the 2014 VMA’s

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  7. disenchantinqs:

    everyone laughs at the number 69 but i wonder how many of you have actually tried it

    Yeah and I’m still laughing at the number 69

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  10. do i have a crush on you or am i just lonely

    do i like you or do i like that you like me

    do I like you or do I like the idea of you

    do i want to be in a relationship or do i just want to prove that i’m worthy of one

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  11. “Today our oceans contain six times more plastic than sea life”

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  13. skellagirl:

    If you think cats can’t love you as much as a dog then you’ve obviously never had one come lay beside you and purr while you’re in the middle of a crying fit

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  14. shakethecobwebs:

    boycott dudes who manipulate you into meeting their emotional or sexual needs but won’t date you 2k14

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