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    Tonight I can’t forget that I’ve got these open wounds, I can’t forget you’ve gone. My ribs have parted ways, they said “We’re not going to protect this heart you have,”

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    Lykke Li - No Rest For The Wicked (Remix) ft A$AP Rocky

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    Third Eye Blind | “Motorcycle Drive By”

    And there’s things I would like to do that you don’t believe in. I would like to build something, but you never see it happen. And there’s this burning like there’s always been. I’ve never been so alone, and I, I’ve never been so alive.

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    I’m laughing harder than when I first saw this in the 6th grade 


    Forever my favorite thing

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    Anberlin - A Day Late

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  11. “I want to run away but I don’t have anything bad to run away from. I would be running away from my self, but that seems kind of counter intuitive.”

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    I’m losing faith in everything. I’m lost, so lost, I’m lost at sea, you’ll see.

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why is destruction so beautiful

because nature is taking itself back


    why is destruction so beautiful

    because nature is taking itself back

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  17. I love seeing my baby Belle on my dash 😍😍😍

    I love seeing my baby Belle on my dash 😍😍😍

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  19. sweetsugarskin asked: you're such a babe.

    Ilysm let’s hang soon neighb

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